Considering buying a toon of PPCoin or FeatherCoin to become rich ... ?

See the miners motto: "I don't always buy an alt-coin, but when i do it's MY alt-coin"

What this mean? It means that early adopter of a alt-coin by mining it will be the first beneficiary of an alt-coin increase in price.(Specially in most front-load altcoins that had millions of coins released on the first few days of mining and little or none later.)

With this in mind, i present: that shows what coin is most profitable to mine, and sell...
If you want to buy, because you think that their value will rise, consider this: all alt-coins are traded mainly against the btc. so they get their value from bitcoin, if bitcoin falls they can rise against btc, because they are cheaper to buy with USD, and the opposite is also true, if bitcoin rises, they will fall, as people get out of the coin-of-the-week-train and into the safe btc or cash into USD .

So be sure before invest:  Do your homework and look up the specifications of every coin first.
to know: number of total coins, number of coins per block, time between blocks, how long ago it was launch (legitimacy) it's being actively developed or not, if a bug is found in the code and there's no real support behind the coin it will crash hugely. And last but not least how strong is the coin agains attacks. (hash power)

Remember, POS has not yet been proved to be sustainable and never buy a IPO coin, remember.

I recomend to buy namecoins, with fiat money. (price now 0.45$ at 04/2016)

Places to buy Namecoins :



List of all alt-coins.

Be aware of scams, like fake wallets for alt-coins:
See be aware of the fake Namecoin-wallet
Carefull with exchanges that trap your money. can't withdraw with Yobit & Livecoin at the moment!


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Top coins:
LTC:LSSwTm7y4sS4mfh4A8c3Xyr5kjS8eirgQH (82mill)
NMC:MxJdkECXLqYQfUTv4Pf2HWHNtv4pgUDtdt (need more devs!)
Other coins
NVC:4PYwT4ec93Ue4Te72sSd3niFJAV4hmRjxu (Scam coin)
TRC:1GwwkCzmG56fUCLdkiJtVaq81qC75ZHAPa (42mill)
PPC:PHG7DU1yuRcSCqMZcerCZYSR5xd4B7PzLY ( POS:holders get+)
FTC:6zdWbjqDoyocKVHQ5q5F1GjZWqKvn8iZpJ (480mill)
DVC:1PUmpY6wEAnS7DjfuWYTSJPUfzzsLu4w4m (btc/50000: as bad as dogecoin)
FRC:1LmnEtp8CpiDJqZtKxchqCGgzuGBDeWyu (Freicoin OMG demurrage)
CNC:CY47n4hss59Md4JRW49GFfBqBxYF8hcJks (China coin)
BBQ:bTyUjDf6MK6zGSwKbKpphmfJn4dNVK64Sd (seriously?)
YCN:YMiXsXiytN4CHjhmt4bLRRzwgMUyYKwG5R (Yacoin)
BTB:BHN1RaG4zejxg4533GtS2iWHRpC4Pu4v3o (Bitbar!)
MNC:MCEAkpN7rzuk5eGZQDgQSC5EQYnku5vSdZ (MinCoin)
XPM:AGhDpJ9bvaJUHdEo2ZkhYXXNmge1EwpmHW (Primecoin)
WDC:WWuBDgQ8ozfSjn2vobdb6u9EUS6d6x4KbX (WorldCoin)
DGC:DMSfebfp1tGP8jTdL8ztMTJwTB7ZGTDBgs (DigitalCoin)
MEG:MPaaLyCrdwxXkkijeWfHwChnQYcRDknLDr (Memorycoin)
PTS:PkhM6p5xcSVEqg3LbqFp1vq5cVXUPsjcwH (Protoshares)