Bitcoin Exchanges ordered by liquidity:

Recomended: Okcoin international! the best price, and trading options!  lowest fees!

btc-e uses Okpay , Payeer and others. Your number 1 place to buy namecoins with USD.

Bitstamp  free deposits, 0,5% exchange fee. Recomended for Europe. SEPA. 

Kraken : For Eur and US, 0,25eur withdraws, 5eur wires and you can buy namecoins too!

Recommended for US:

Simbols for trading from your stock broker in US: GBTC or Bitcoin tracker one

Anx Eur / AUD / SGD others

CoinX US

Bitcoin Vietnam

Atlas new global exchange

Trade btc stock at eToro !

Peer to peer:

Localbitcoins: buy and sell in person securely. Eur, Works only within EU with bank transfers.

Mycelium bitcoin wallet with local trader function now

Bitcoin ATMs:

Circle buy with visa or mastercard.

Payza  buy with visa or mastercard.

Indacoin  buy with visa or mastercard.




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Top coins:
LTC:LSSwTm7y4sS4mfh4A8c3Xyr5kjS8eirgQH (82mill)
NMC:MxJdkECXLqYQfUTv4Pf2HWHNtv4pgUDtdt (need more devs!)
Other coins
NVC:4PYwT4ec93Ue4Te72sSd3niFJAV4hmRjxu (Scam coin)
TRC:1GwwkCzmG56fUCLdkiJtVaq81qC75ZHAPa (42mill)
PPC:PHG7DU1yuRcSCqMZcerCZYSR5xd4B7PzLY ( POS:holders get+)
FTC:6zdWbjqDoyocKVHQ5q5F1GjZWqKvn8iZpJ (480mill)
DVC:1PUmpY6wEAnS7DjfuWYTSJPUfzzsLu4w4m (btc/50000: as bad as dogecoin)
FRC:1LmnEtp8CpiDJqZtKxchqCGgzuGBDeWyu (Freicoin OMG demurrage)
CNC:CY47n4hss59Md4JRW49GFfBqBxYF8hcJks (China coin)
BBQ:bTyUjDf6MK6zGSwKbKpphmfJn4dNVK64Sd (seriously?)
YCN:YMiXsXiytN4CHjhmt4bLRRzwgMUyYKwG5R (Yacoin)
BTB:BHN1RaG4zejxg4533GtS2iWHRpC4Pu4v3o (Bitbar!)
MNC:MCEAkpN7rzuk5eGZQDgQSC5EQYnku5vSdZ (MinCoin)
XPM:AGhDpJ9bvaJUHdEo2ZkhYXXNmge1EwpmHW (Primecoin)
WDC:WWuBDgQ8ozfSjn2vobdb6u9EUS6d6x4KbX (WorldCoin)
DGC:DMSfebfp1tGP8jTdL8ztMTJwTB7ZGTDBgs (DigitalCoin)
MEG:MPaaLyCrdwxXkkijeWfHwChnQYcRDknLDr (Memorycoin)
PTS:PkhM6p5xcSVEqg3LbqFp1vq5cVXUPsjcwH (Protoshares)